I have to say that in spite of what appeared to be a rocky start on the newsgroup we had one of the smoothest running events this year.  I even got to attend an entire demo and that hasn’t happened since the very first year!  We were a little short on space but everyone stepped up to make the best of it and the spinners took over the hallway.  The bake sale raised 50 dollars for Jen’s Art Foundation and the auction made close to 600 to help fund next year’s Fiber In.  Hopefully we will get some pictures up soon, not that I actually took any but I know many of you did so if you would send me a few that I can use on the website that would be great.

Thank you to everyone who made this year’s event such a success.  Remember, if you attended, you helped with the success so pat yourselves on the back.

I have tallied up the final numbers on this year’s event:

Donations:          1,516.64

Expenses:             711.88

Total Carryover     804.76

Along with the carryover from prior years we are in a good position to reserve the bigger spaces we need for next year so bring your friends.

One last comment and I will be done with 2010.  Many of you told me you had ideas to make things better or different or whatever at the event and I am always adamant about having people email me those ideas because I will forget!  I have only heard from a couple of you which far fewer then the number I told to email me .  Now is the time to voice those concerns, don’t wait until we have made all the plans and then say well I think…. Now is the time to think and speak to make the 2011 Florida Fiber In the best it can be!