I learned at this year's event that not everyone Yahoo's so I will try to remember to post important updates here.  Of course you can always email me but usually there isn't much information until late August.  You will just have to trust us when we say mark off the third weekend in September and plan to come to Orlando for a weekend of Fiber fun with people who get it.

We made some decision at the 2010 event concerning the 2011 Florida Fiber In.

We were hoping to be able to reuse the Hawthorne Suites but we maxed out thier conference rooms and used every single table they had so the hunt is on for another venue that can accommodate our growing numbers.

Our theme will be England! 

Pat, our resident tea expert, has agreed to serve English tea.  And in true Florida Fiber In style we will be having a hat contest.  Over the next year create a hat to wear to high tea.  With any luck we will get some great prizes donated (hint hint if you are in position to donate something). Make it dainty or make it outlandish just make it!