Although I am not one to typically get caught up in other people's lives the pageantry of the Royal Wedding caught the attention of the little girl living in my heart.  And then it occurred to me that the Fiber In had chosen to visit England at this year's event.  Could we have been more spot on?

I had already been thinking about how to introduce this year's contest and this is the perfect day.  Every lady at the wedding was wearing one.  Some were crazy weird, some were elegant, some were just plain ugly, and many will be made fun of for years to come.  But, mostly they hark back to a time when ladies covered their heads and gentlemen uncovered theirs when entering a building.  That's right I am referring to the hats.

Make it crazy, make it weird, make it elegant, make it pretty just make one!  Of course there will be a parade, judging and some sort of fibery prize.

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