It's time to start getting those demo ideas flowing!

Got something to share - offer a demo.
Want to learn something - request a demo.

Remember sharing is the heart of the Florida Fiber In.

Also, I need a volunteer to organize the demos. This is probably one of the funnest but takes the most time. Duties include: collecting the offers and requests, developing a poll to determine the most popular and then communicating with the demoiers to develop a schedule that works for them.

To talk about demos head over to the Florida Fiber In group on yahoo groups.

If you would like to volunteer send me an email with Florida Fiber In Demos in the subject line.

dolphn1829 at yahoo dot com

I do respond to every Fiber In email so if you don't hear back from me within a few days please resend the email and be sure to put Florida Fiber In in the subject line. I get a ton of junk mail and some emails in the past have gone missing.

Ok - that's enough Spam for today. I need to have the planning wrapped up early this year because I will be in India for the three weeks preceding the event. Bonus for those you who like to have those loose ends done early but puts everything on a more rigid schedule.