Finally! I am in the final negotiations for our meeting rooms for the 2011 Florida Fiber In. Stay posted because things will start moving fast once this contract is signed, hopefully today! It has been quite the challenge since we are growing! Moving to the next level of conference room is not cheap so tell your friends, put it on your calendar (and theirs) in Ink!

Carpool, buses, and trains: with the rising price of gas maybe someone could volunteer to put together carpools and arrange pick up's from the bus station and train station. Someone who knows the public transit schedules in Orlando and is willing to put something together particulary from the amtrak station and the bus station.

Demos: It is time to start thinking about demos you would like to offer or take.

Vending: If you are a prior vendor, are you coming back this year? If you are a potential new vendor would you like to get into the lottery for any open spots we may have.

Auction: Do you have anything to donate for our auction? The auction truly allows us to keep the donation costs down and allows us to invite those who may be less fortunate and can't afford to donate. And it is just plain fun! For those of you have not attended this, plan to stay later on Saturday evening so you can join in.

Contest: Have you started your hat for the contest? I haven't but I am thinking about it. I just can't decide if I want to go elegant or kooky. Hippy floppy around my face or new wave sculpture on top of my head. Who has the video from last year's fashion show? We really should get that posted on the website, it was so much fun!

Other Stuff: Garage sale and door prize items? I scored a great knitting bag last year at the garage sale. What is the opinion on the door prizes? Fun or distraction? Any other activity ideas for this year? I haven't been out and about to the fiber events this year, has anyone done anything really cool that we can have fun with?

And most importantly, what projects are you bringing! Spinning wheel, weaving loom?

As I said I haven't been to any fiber events this year and so I am really looking forward to September! Feel free to repost - Remember it takes all of us to make a successful Florida Fiber In.