This question comes up alot so using a partial repost from last year here are some of the things on my packing list:

Fashion Parade:  My most fabulous hat!  I brought it into the office yesterday to show it off and it was very well recieved.  All agreed that Kate should invite me to tea to be close to my hat never mind my sparkling personality :-)  If you haven't made a hat bring something to wear in the parade - it is great fun!  And there will be prizes.

Auction items - one of the main ways the Fiber In stays afloat is from the Auction; donations are always always gratefully accepted and enjoyed by those that win them. A donation doesn't have to be new, gently used is very acceptable. For instance, a couple of years ago I won a stack of magazines and have really enjoyed going through them.  I may be passing them on this year.

Door Prizes - bring a door prize and recieve a ticket to win a door prize. Put your door prize in a bag or box, we all like surprises! All we ask is that you bring something you would like to recieve.

Bake Sale - A baked good for our bake sale to benefit the Jennifer Nolletti Memorial Art Foundation  Baked goods should be packaged in single servings for easy sale.  I will bring some baggies just in case :-)  This will go on all weekend and will be stationed at the registration table just inside the vendor room door.

Garage sale items - the garage sale is Sunday Morning while the vendors pack we will exchange stash.

Schedule - A print out of the schedule if you would like a hard copy.  I will be putting mine on my iPad or maybe my phone, surely I won't lose those!  Early next week, I will put the schedule in a pdf format to make it easier to print

Fiber Passport - For newcomers, this is used as a name tag. Each year we have a stamp or sticker to place in the passport representing the theme for the year.  This year we are going to England.  I will have some available for those who don't have one also at the registration table.

I am sure I am forgetting something, what's on your packing list?

Please repost as you see fit to the various social networking sites!  See you in a week (really we are down to 8 days!)